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Let the reviews begin!

Our first review is in the can, thanks to one of our contributing editors, Dave Mahoney. Enjoy this unique feature from HMBDGC.


Cahoneys Corner

Hello fellow Disc Golf enthusiasts! Welcome to my first column reviewing a product that is part of legend and lore, The Double Nutsac. My name is Dave Mahoney and from this point forward, you can refer to me as my fellow disc golfers do, Cahoney. Thank you, thank you.

Last month, I became the proud owner of the Double Nutsac. It is the larger version of the two types available from Disc Nation. (http://www.discnation.com/Double-NutSac-Disc-Golf-Bag-Medium-Disc-Golf-Bag.html)

It holds 10 to 12 discs and with a price point of $80 to my door, I figured this would be a great place for a rookie of this sport to begin. Having just picked up the game a few weeks prior, and having only 5 discs to my name, it seemed like more than enough room to accommodate my meager arsenal. 3 weeks and 7 additional discs purchases later, the bag has been stretched to its limit. I didn’t anticipate this would happen so quickly.

I’m the type of disc golfer who likes to enjoy a couple cold brews during my round of disc golf. I’m progressing to a point now; I don’t have the room for my frosty friends on board my trusty Nutsac. The Nutsac creates the conundrum of “more plastic equals less beverages” so I currently need to depend on a backpack or a fellow disc golf companion, to bear the “burden of beverage”. This also becomes a little tricky, fore said companion holds first right to “lightening his load”, I digress.

I’ve discussed this conundrum with my brilliant, beautiful and sewing machine savvy wife, Glenda. I proposed that she create and attach an additional libation holder with like material, to my massive Double Nutsac. With a twinkle in her eye, Glenda smiled and accepted the challenge. That my friends, will be on the follow-up review, “How I improved, my perfect Nutsac”, next month.

The Nutsac is an extremely comfortable bag to carry. Often, I simply forget it is there. When I read the online reviews, that some people wore it while throwing, I couldn’t believe it. Well, now I am a believer. If you are the disc golfer that likes a swift round, which includes leaving your bag on for every approach and putt, this bag is for you. The lightweight nature of the bag and comfortable shoulder strap (provided), evenly distributes the weight of the discs and other accoutrements inside the Nutsac. While I never drive with it on my shoulder, putting with it on is almost unnoticeable.

At the end of the day, the double Nutsac is the minimalist’s bag of choice. It’s extremely durable, comfortable, and the tan water resistant woven fabric looks great. It’s sure to get comments from your buddies- my favorite, “Oh, snap! You got a Nutsac!”

Its greatest limitation is its size. If you carry more than 10 discs and like to have some brews on the course, you might want to look elsewhere for your first saddle. Buy this bag if you’re good traveling light, want something that’s bullet proof, and like getting high fives from your buddies for having a huge and productive Sac.

Keep em’ straight!