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HMBDGC knows the only thing better than playing disc golf, is watching other people do it well or worse than yourself. That being said, this is our video section. We constantly bounce thru the web and pull gems for our surfers to enjoy. If you have a video you would like our HMB crew to see, (Youtube or personally shot footage) send it to me for review. Include full names of persons in the video for accurate accolades to the post.

Cover the world in chains!


Bubba Watson is a Disc Golfer and Masters Champion?!!!!

When I logged onto PDGA.com recently I found anarticle worth sharing with all of you. I've been a hack "stick golfer" since 1997 and a professional Disc Golfer since 2005. Today I learned the recent Masters Champion, Bubba Watson is an AMATURE DISC GOLFER!!! Excellent news to be linked to our big brother sport thru such a high profile player. Enjoy the article.




These fellas from Alabama sure have a great highlight reel. When I found this clip three weeks ago, it only had 2000 hits. As I post it it's over 14 thousand. Hell yeah!




Destined to be a disc golf You Tube sensation!

Check out these "7 and under" kids hitting trick shots. We are going to hear more from this little studs in the future.

Remember, you saw them here first.




The most discussed topic in Disc Golf, (other than how to play every day and still be employed) is Aces.


  • How many aces have you carded?
  • When did it happen?
  • Where did it happen?
  • What do you do with the disc after it has been in the basket in one throw?
    • Put it on the wall or put it back in the rotation?

While on the road promoting a Disc Golf feature film script written by Professor and Crimson Chin in 2009, Professor and his crew had the opportunity to interview Americas best Disc Golfers and ask them just that. From Jim Oates to Nate Doss, the answers from the pros are here.


This video is a re-release from our edited selections. I was previously against double dipping into that phase of promotions but the masses have spoken, "MORE VIDEOS!"

Well, here you go!






Bombs away Putt

Let's see if were ready to make a huge putt:

  • Putter, Check
  • Basket, Check
  • Camera, Check
  • Pre-teen voice over, check
  • Editing software, check
  • Flak-jacket, uh wait, what was the question?

LMAO! This kid suprizes with a good laugh on this disc golf gag.





Lesson ONE for EMO-Discgolfers:

  1. Learn to throw rocks.


This is video proof supporting rule one above and why EMO's should never climb trees to get their discs. Hiliarious!

Props for the effort though, dude!





Oh thank you, thank you Disc Golf Gods for Stark Industries and Steve Rogers.







This YouTube video of a 12 year old kid hittin his first Ace ought to make you smile.

 Listen to the roar of his proud papa! They'll be back; playing together.






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