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Nick Woodman- Local Sufer- GoPro Founder

Some people may know when they have an amazing idea for the next best thing, but actually putting that thought into motion can elude them for years, if not altogether.  Take Nick Woodman, the founder and inventor of the GoPro Camera, for example. Back in 2002, Nick and his buds were punching the pavement up, down, and around the coasts of Australia on a surf trip looking for the best breaks they could find.  While on this trip, Nick realized his trip needed to be more than just moments in time, and that there had to be a better way to capture his memories in the water instead of just settling with one-dimensional pictures taken ashore.  The thought of a wearable camera had been floating around in his head for years, but it was this surf trip (cont.)




Well done, Nick! A testament to the crucial support of family and never giving up on your ambitious dreams. Great shot of you and your Father in front of the Westfalia. Drop a line to HMBDGC next time your in town.-K. Mickelson 11/4/11

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