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Ever wonder what it would be like to shoot three pars and 15 birdies in an Open level event? Me too.....This link shows how Paul "McBeast" McBeth achieves this in living color during the 2013 Memorial in Arizona. Atta boy, Paul!

Enjoy this well edited footage of the single highest rated Open PDGA round EVER.

Note: Pause the video when McBeths score card is shown near the end of the video; count the dueces. Unreal.




Half Moon Bays Smith Field includes a proposed flight trajectory for a nine hole disc golf course. This course location and incoporation into an existing facility will allow for Half Moon Bay Parks and Recreation to open up a Juniors Disc Golf League. This new recreational venue will be easily affiliated with the EDGE program, through the PDGA.  At a designed 2800 feet and with a par 29, this is a fantastic start to developing positive disc golf relationships with the locals.



Design highlights include:

  • A practice putting area with two baskets spread apart 50 feet
    • This feature is terrific for skills enhancement.
  • A bench at every tee pad for the elderly players seeking rest between cycles
  • Two Par 4s for confidence development with this sports new comers
  • This course also comes with an existing parking lot

Security Concerns answered by design:

Visibility to disc golf “travelers or strangers” is at a premium, thanks to the “designed hike” from the practice area to the first tee box. This is a passive design that will increase security as these disc golfers pass in full view of the persons that are there not playing disc golf. This is especially important to the parents children that will certainly will be in the area weekly for Little League games and practices.


Estimated cost:

 With this feature rich 9-hole couse, three alternate pin placements per hole, all amenities on the map, a complete "Rules of the Game" sign at first tee box, a "trajectory/par value" map at each tee box and 5 trash receptacles is estimated not to exceed $20k.


Value Engineering:

Considering that a single slide, for a single kids park is $25k and would be used by a minority of our coastal residents, the return on HMB P&Rs' investment is substantial. All ages, everey day until sundown.


Minimal enviromental impact with maximum public use, equals like minded coastal ventures.




I joined my friends and family recently at the Half Moon Bay Disc Golf driving range. It's located off Kelly Ave in  Half Moon Bay; next to the ball golf driving range. The Half Moon Bay review was there as well for an interview and a couple photos of our sport.

Very nice article Mark Noack. Thanks!





It's said that everything is bigger in Texas. Well, I'm a native Californian and here is proof; Texas Parks and Rec live by that statement. Tyler, Texas just completed Lindsey Park and released this video promoting their successes. This incredible park system incorporates bike trails, kids parks, Baseball/Soccer fields AND a 36 hole disc golf course. This park system screams, "Top that Golden Bears!"


Half Moon Bay has an incredible opportunity to produce this type of success. We already have a legendary bike trail system with Pacific Ocean views, multiple kids parks, thriving Baseball/Soccer leagues and a global big wave surfing destination. The only thing left to do is build a championship level disc golf course, with the Pacific Ocean bluffs as the venue. Can you say NT-Tour destination?


This little video promoting Tyler Parks and Recreations' success, should prove as an inspiration to our coastal outdoor enthusiasts. I look forward to the day we can produce our own PR video highlighting all the coastal amenities HMB Parks and Rec has to offer and release it to the world.

-"Be inspired; play disc golf on the coast."-Professor



You ever wonder what it would be like to be processed into a computer for every twitch of your muscles; as you drive your disc? Me too. Nate, Val and Avery flew to the Olympic stadium in Sweden to do just that. Enjoy



This is going to be a hit for the disc golfers who just want to drive and walk to the next hole. Enjoy this short video of how a fellow disc golfer never misses a putt with his beloved caddie.



Good beer and friends go together like flying plastic and chains. In this video we get to see the current World Champ with his newest toy, a beer pot. Mama and Daddy Jenkins are their watching and helping with the "safety". Of course Nates girlfriend, Val Jenkins is there as well, with her brother Avery. I've been making beer with a friend of mine for almost two years now and I can honestly say, nothing is as good as fresh IPA. Nates batch (stout) was looking pretty tasty. Nice toast at the end Val!




Avery Jenkins and Brodie Smith take an edited approach at a trick shot show down. I really enjoyed this. These guys are doing exactly what they were born to do; throw plastic. Averys shot thru two goal posts is the highlight shot. Sick power.

One day in the YouTube tank and already over 60k hits. Props fellas.





Leonitus, The King of Sparta and more recently, Johnny Weston, the surf mentor of the late Jay Moriarity, showed up coastside for the Paramount production  "Of Men and Mavericks". Professor was there with his "shield" Avair, to get penned from Gerard himself. Professor is 6'5" tall; Gerry is almost the same. A gentleman to his fans and a method actor, for his work. View the article below, as Gerry charged Mavericks on a "small"-15 foot day, for realistic filming action. The article below was written just four days after the photo above was taken with Professor. Gerard Butler is truely a Maverick and Lion at heart.


Gerard Butler survives Maverick's

two-wave hold down 12/19/11

-Article provided from ESPN News  

On a day reminiscent of last January when Jacob Trette, a rookie

big-wave surfer,nearly lost his life out at Maverick's, the infamous

Northern California break has sent yet another beginner to Stanford

Medical Center. In this case it was the star of the Hollywood production

about the life of Jay Moriarity, Gerard Butler.

On Sunday the California buoy was reading 12 feet at 16 seconds,

which would put Maverick's right at the point of breaking in the 10

to 12-foot range, but the swell direction was decent so there were

a few bigger sets sneaking in. With Maverick's and the entire Northern

Hemisphere big-wave season off to a slow start, surfers -- and

Hollywood film crew -- were chomping at the bit to get a few days of

surfing and filming in. Approximately two dozen people were in the lineup.

Butler and the film crew sat on the inside with Peter Mel, Zach

Wormhoudt and Greg Long, who were assisting the production. Even

on small days, the inside at Maverick's can push 10-feet-plus and

really tear you up.

A few big outside sets had already come through, and between takes

Mel, Long and Wormhoudt were passing the time by catching a few

insiders. Photographer Doug Acton was out most of the morning

shooting and serving as water patrol, but decided to go in as the swell

began to drop. As they were cleaning out their boats at the launch ramp,

they heard the faint sounds of sirens in the distance. With crab season

in full swing and the entire movie crew set up, there was already a lot of

action at the ramp, but as the sirens got closer, they turned down the

road and headed straight for the ramp.

Being a local, you would never like to see or hear ambulances when

Maverick's is breaking. It never bodes well, and right now everyone is

still a bit shell-shocked from the recent death of Sion Milosky and the

near death of Trette last season.

One of the film crew's radio cracked, "We're bringing Gerry (Butler) in!"

No sooner did the transmission squelch end, a jet-ski and Zodiac

turned the corner at the Half Moon Bay harbor mouth. They were

coming in fast. Butler was on board the Zodiac. He had that 100-yard

stare that surfers get after a two-wave hold down or near-death

experience. After almost 20 years at Maverick's there has been a lot

these stares, but it was good that he was standing on his own two

legs. He was carted away in the ambulance and raced off to Stanford

Medical Center for observation.

Talking to Wormhoudt on the dock, he said they were all sitting on

the inside when a large outside set came through, swung way to the

south, caught them off-guard and mowed them all down. For Mel,

Long and Wormhoudt it's all in a day's work (hence their being on the

crew), but according to other eyewitnesses, Butler was held down

for a solid two waves and took four or five more on the head before

being washed through the rocks on the inside, where he was finally

able to be plucked out.

Butler was brought to the hospital for observation, a complete

recovery is expected.

HMBDGC finds inspiration at Cunha Middle School

HMBDGC volunteered to support our local Cunha Middle School last night. Cunhas' annual spaghetti feed directly benefits the athletic and musical programs for this Half Moon Bay Middle School. Mickelson and his whole family were there serving salad, pasta with red sauce or pesto and killer artisan garlic bread.

Mickelson, always quick to best friend the cook, was delighted to find out Phil Beebe (on right in photograph below, Steve Blackwood on left) has been a disc golfer for over 30 years.

Considering disc golf has only been around since 1976, as a professional sport, Phil truly is a pioneer and champion for disc golf. Phil and Steve, both a couple of gentleman, certainly have been a blessing for our small community. A sincere thank you goes out to you fellas for the last four years of volunteering to cook at this fundamental Cunha event.


The spirit of philanthropy runs deep thru the souls of many disc golfers. If it wasn’t for the Phil Beebes and the Ed Hedricks of the world, disc golf certainly wouldn’t have progressed to the level it is today. Keep the disc straight out there in Novato, Phil. Throexist!

Mavericks the Movie filming near HMBDGC Headquarters

HMBDGC dropped in on the filming of Mavericks the Movie, starring Gerard Butler. Mickelson handed a couple groups of "surfer-actors" the 2011 Pro Worlds Vulcan; from the recent World Disc Golf Championship held in Santa Cruz last August. (pictured at left)The featured actors (not extras) pictured below, were anxiously awaiting the arrival of filmstar Gerard, scheduled to begin filming at sundown. Good times.

HMBDGC moving the film industry, one driver at a time.  Throexist!

Can Ball Golfers and Disc Golfers Coexist and make a profit?

Follow this link to an article explaining the benefits of a hybrid course developement. This is the cornerstone of HMBDGCs' pitch to the Sharp Park Golf Course Committee. Conversations to date on this topic appear very productive. We seem like minded with a social alignment both locally and enviromentally. Together, our time is now.


HMBDGC.com has launched!

Launch Date:

Oct. 28th, 2011.

Half Moon Bay has a disc golf presence.

Throexist Coast-siders!