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HMBDGC Board of Directors Information

This is the place you can come to view our board of directors and all of their contact information.

The Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors currently consists of local outdoor enthiuiests from the coastal community. We share a common desire to keep our outdoor lifestyles active and full of options; from surfing to Disc Golf. HMBDGCs' core mission is to keep the coastal people off the sofa and outside with their family and friends.  Game on. 

Kristofer Mickelson

President HMBDGC

Phone: 510-809-7812

EM1: kmickelson@hmbdgc.com

EM2: kristofer.mickelson@gmail.com

Jake Ward

Vice President HMBDGC

 E-mail: jward@hmbdgc.com