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The 2014 National Collegiate Disc Golf Championship has brought more than the Nation’s best disc golfers to Augusta Georgia; it has also brought in such a positive fiscal impact into the local economy it has been happily compared to the PGA Masters Tournament event held a week before. Enjoy the news cast presentation from Georgia.

Throexist- Professor



Rattling Chains, a Disc Golf Blog site has decided to print my response to their National "What's in your bag?" photo/article questionaire. Good times!
Enjoy the link!

Half Moon Bay Disc Golf Club proudly presents, La Mirada East.


Feast your eyes on this 6000 foot layout.

  • All the length of Stafford Lake
  • All the technical shots of Golden Gate Park
  • The Pacific Ocean as the backdrop.

This course has it all; with the exception of existing baskets and tee pads.


HMBDGC has been playing this venue with temporary baskets for going on two years now. The course is as beautiful as it is challenging. Long, technical and let's not forget the coastal breeze. It turns a textbook 15 footer into a knee-knocker. Be sure to bring your Rocs and full weight over stable drivers.


Recently HMBDGC proposed the La Mirada East Disc Golf Course, as a viable park improvement to San Mateo Parks and Rec as well as the Board of Commissioners. It was looked favorably upon by all parties and is currently under budget consideration as a potential future project. No dates of construction or budgetary numbers from SMP&R to complete this project are currently available.

La Mirada East is in the cue.






Proposed Layout for La Mirada-North Disc Golf Course

La Mirada North jpeg
This is a downloadable picture of the proposed disc golf course on the Mirada East property.
Mirada Disc Golf Park 18 Holes.jpg
JPG image [422.2 KB]

Hello Coastal Discgolfers!

The time has come to begin our course developement on the Mid-coast; Mirada East Property. With Half Moon Bay Disc Golf Clubs recent disc golf course proposal being looked favorvably upon; it's time to start establishing a positive presence on the 22 acre property.

Heres our plan moving into summer:

  • HMBDGC is going to begin holding a coastal "La Mirada East" Weekend Safari Tourney
    • The first competitive disc golf tournament will commence three weeks after the 22 acre grounds are mowed.
    • Currently the mowing equipment is staged and getting ready for this county maintenance operation.
    • When the grounds have been mowed, I will establish the first Sunday Tourney date for our first La Mirada-North Mid Coast Tournamant.
  • The La Mirada East Bag TagTournament will happen:
    • When 18 temporary basket owners are redially available
    • All their contact information is provided for logistics.
    • We need YOU to get in touch with us ASAP and put your name on our "basket list" for scheduling and deployment.
      • Include first & last name, your cell number, your town of residence and the basket style you will be bringing.


This is a formal shoutout to all who view this site to be a part of the chains!

  • Currently the HMBDGC has only four PDGA dimention temporary disc golf baskets.
    • We need at least 14 more.


If there ever was a time to deliver on the saying,

"One of these days I'm going to get a basket..." THIS IS IT!


Represent! Get the best basket your budget will allow; PDGA spec recommended.

  • You will have monthly ownership of a historic coastal Disc Golf movement
  • You will finally be able to putt at your house AND GET BETTER!
    • Putt more....score lower.


Below are a few links to get your basket search going.


Stay tuned as I will be posting the first Sunday date as soon as the grass is chopped!



HMBDGC Membership


It's about time that we get some tags!!!


With the buzz around our monthly La Mirada-East Safari Tournament beginning to heat up, HMBDGC will be getting bag tags at long last.


Don't miss out on being one of the first disc golfers on the coast to get your HMBDGC tag.


Bag tags will be in numerical order, be handed out from lowest score to highest after the first tournament is completed (date yet to be established). Cost will be $40 for a membership.


The revenue generated will go to supporting the development and growth of the

La Mirada-North disc golf course.


Sign up for our HMBDGC email corrospondence NOW at: